Old Mout Scrumpy CiderOld Mout Scrumpy is our take on the traditional Scrumpy recipe, with a gutsy apple flavour to seriously satisfy a solid thirst.

Looks: Clear (not at all cloudy) light honey tones
Smells: A rich aroma of freshly sliced, tree-ripened apples
Tastes:  A big apple bang to get the taste-buds going.  A nice balance of apple skin flavours and medium sweetness that lingers at the back of the mouth

Alcohol %: New Zealand & Australia 8%

Gluten Free

Available in New Zealand: 4 x 330ml, 1.25L PET
Available in Australia: 4 x 330ml, 750ml

We recommend: This one’s a bit of a meat lover, so give it a go with succulent slow cooked pork dishes, spare ribs, or most barbecued meats. If you’re more of a herbivore it’ll also help a nice piece of marinated haloumi go down a treat.